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 In light of the latest findings for Laboratory Quality Management, in this English edition of the book I intend to present this data in an informative manner, within the operating framework of a Management System, and in line with the proposal of being a book that provides assistance to the new professionals in this area (highlighting, for example, the evolution of concepts, needs and basic structure of a Quality Management System), as well as assist experts seeking new tools for Laboratory Quality Management (highlighting, for example, the Analytical Quality Assurance Cycle and Quality indicators concepts, in addition to the numerous tools applied to auditing, training, corrective action and others)


The ConfLab Software is based on the Analytical Quality Assurance Cycle (AQAC) concept, that aims to manage the validation process, uncertainty estimation and quality controls (from control charts). Developed in 2019, it is a powerful tool to ensure the reliability of the laboratory results and   ISO/IEC17025 adherence.

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